/home/msneddon/eclipse/galileoSR1_cpp/workspace/NFsim/src/NFutil/random.cpp File Reference

#include "NFutil.hh"
#include "MTrand/mtrand.h"
#include <time.h>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <math.h>


double NFutil::RANDOM (double max)
 Uniform random number on the interval (0,max].
double NFutil::RANDOM_CLOSED ()
 Uniform random number on the interval (0,1).
double NFutil::RANDOM_GAUSSIAN ()
 Normally distributed random number with mean 0 and variance 1.
int NFutil::RANDOM_INT (unsigned long min, unsigned long max)
 Uniform random number on the interval [min,max].
void NFutil::SEED_RANDOM (unsigned long seed)
 Seeds the random number generator used in all simulations.


static int initflag = 1
static bool haveNextGaussian = false
static double nextGaussian = 0
static MTRand_int32 iRand
static MTRand dRand
static MTRand_closed dRandClosed
static MTRand_open dRandOpen

Variable Documentation

MTRand dRand [static]

MTRand_closed dRandClosed [static]

MTRand_open dRandOpen [static]

bool haveNextGaussian = false [static]

int initflag = 1 [static]

MTRand_int32 iRand [static]

double nextGaussian = 0 [static]

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