/home/msneddon/eclipse/galileoSR1_cpp/workspace/NFsim/src/NFinput/walk.cpp File Reference

#include "NFinput.hh"
#include <iostream>


int enterMainMenuLoop (System *s)
void enterStepLoop (System *s)
void getPrintout (System *s)
int getInput (int min, int max)
double getInput (double min)
void NFinput::walk (System *s)
 Allows the user to walk through the system with an interactive text-based program.
void printMainMenu ()
void printStepMenu ()
void printSpecificMolecule (System *s)
void printSpecificMoleculeByUid (System *s)

Function Documentation

int enterMainMenuLoop ( System s  ) 

void enterStepLoop ( System s  ) 

double getInput ( double  min  ) 

int getInput ( int  min,
int  max 

void getPrintout ( System s  ) 

void printMainMenu (  ) 

void printSpecificMolecule ( System s  ) 

void printSpecificMoleculeByUid ( System s  ) 

void printStepMenu (  ) 

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