TiXmlAttributeSet Class Reference

#include <tinyxml.h>

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Detailed Description

A class used to manage a group of attributes. It is only used internally, both by the ELEMENT and the DECLARATION.

The set can be changed transparent to the Element and Declaration classes that use it, but NOT transparent to the Attribute which has to implement a next() and previous() method. Which makes it a bit problematic and prevents the use of STL.

This version is implemented with circular lists because:

Public Member Functions

 TiXmlAttributeSet ()
 ~TiXmlAttributeSet ()
void Add (TiXmlAttribute *attribute)
void Remove (TiXmlAttribute *attribute)
const TiXmlAttributeFirst () const
TiXmlAttributeFirst ()
const TiXmlAttributeLast () const
TiXmlAttributeLast ()
const TiXmlAttributeFind (const char *_name) const
TiXmlAttributeFind (const char *_name)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TiXmlAttributeSet::TiXmlAttributeSet (  ) 

TiXmlAttributeSet::~TiXmlAttributeSet (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void TiXmlAttributeSet::Add ( TiXmlAttribute attribute  ) 

void TiXmlAttributeSet::Remove ( TiXmlAttribute attribute  ) 

const TiXmlAttribute* TiXmlAttributeSet::First (  )  const [inline]

TiXmlAttribute* TiXmlAttributeSet::First (  )  [inline]

const TiXmlAttribute* TiXmlAttributeSet::Last (  )  const [inline]

TiXmlAttribute* TiXmlAttributeSet::Last (  )  [inline]

const TiXmlAttribute * TiXmlAttributeSet::Find ( const char *  _name  )  const

TiXmlAttribute* TiXmlAttributeSet::Find ( const char *  _name  )  [inline]

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